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A2Z Radon specializes in real estate transaction, quality work and service all at an affordable price throughout the entire state of Colorado with most of our projects in the Denver Metro Area.


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The guarantee stays with the homeowner regardless of the owner!

A2Z has a 30 year warranty on its systems and all of our technicians have been through the E.P.A., NRSB and NEHA training for radon mitigation.  We can also take care of your radon testing and radon in water issues.


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A2Z Radon Real Estate Transactions

A little different than other radon companies...

Unlike other companies, A2Z specializes with residential homes in real estate transactions. Our goal is to get the home below the E.P.A. guidelines of 4.0pci/l and to save the home owner money. Standard mitigation can generally be done for less than nine hundred dollars. This price is geared for realtors and the real estate transactions that they deal with.

A2Z has been known to save homeowners anywhere from three hundred to one thousand dollars on standard mitigation. We do this without compromise to quality of work, service or material. We understand that dealing with real estate transactions can be a stressful ordeal. It is our job to make the radon issue as easy and pleasant as possible. Our contracts are one page and easy to read. Our customers do not need a lawyer or a law degree to understand the document.

A2Z’s staff is courteous, friendly and responsive. To make doing business with A2Z easier, we have several options for payment. We can be paid at the time of the closing of the property, a Visa or MasterCard can be used or we accept personal checks.

An appointment for radon mitigation can generally be scheduled within 72 hours if the situation warrants an expedited appointment. Our guarantee of bringing radon levels below the E.P.A. guidelines of 4.0pci/l will transfer to the buyer of the home during the sale of the home.